DanceSport trainers training seminars The H.D.S.U feels responsible for presenting a wide range of knowledge around the dancesport. Therefore HDSU will establish courses for teachers/trainers in different levels (C-B-A) with a licensed degree after a successful examination. The education circle is in a range of 4-5 sessions and all are mandatory. The qualified participants must complete all 4 sessions , . This process will be certified by examination from CSIT Technical commission , and create the first full educated and Licensed Ballroom and Latin dance Adjudicators and Trainers for C.S.I.T representing Greece in all C.S.I.T EVENTS!
Foreword An organized dance-sport needs more qualified teachers/trainer who are able to orientate themselves in the increasing knowledge, and to have more responsibility for the management and organization of their own continuous learning process. The learning process is a central instrument of personal development, with the target of making the Teacher/Trainer more competent in supporting and escorting students, and being part of the continuous learning process of Children, Youth, and Adults. Learning is a “life insurance” and an investment in yourself.
Adjudicators training seminars Basic Principles supporting a DanceSport Adjudicating system are: Transparency Neutrality Accountability Preservation of integrity Stracture of Educational System in colaboration with the CSIT TECHNICAL COMMISSION


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